Types of Roulette Games

If you are thinking of playing online roulette, you should know that the casinos offer different types of the game. Indeed, the different types of roulette include the French, European, American, Progressive and Mini. Keep reading to find out what makes them different from each other.

Let’s start with the American Roulette game, the one that would be considered the most difficult. For this type, the house will have the most advantage because the roulette wheel has a lot more numbers. This basically means that you will have less winning chances. The wheel has 38 slots in total, inclusive of 0 and 00 which are both in green colored slots. The other 36 numbers are either in black or red colors.

The European Roulette game is easier to play than the American type and the wheel has less numbers. On this roulette wheel, you only have one 0 instead the 0 and 00. More players are interested in playing this type of roulette, especially when compared to the American version because they will have more chances to win.

The French Roulette, unlike the American with slots in different colors, has all the numbers in red. However, the wheel will alternate colors between black and red to give the look like any other wheel. French Roulette offers a gameplay that is very similar to that of the European type and it only has one 0. Moreover, the words used in the game are written in French because this type was originated in France.

The Progressive Roulette game is similar to a jackpot game and it is a popular favorite. The winning ratio for this game will increase daily and build up over time to give a lucky winner a big fortune.

Lastly, the Mini Roulette is one of the modern types online and it’s played based on the rules for the European roulette. There are only 12 slots on this wheel and it comes with different payouts.

Now that you know about the different types of roulette games online, you can decide on the best one to suit your needs.



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