Types of blackjack games and bonuses

There are different types of blackjack games in the casinos. This is not really surprising because it is the most widely played card game. Many of the blackjack variations are newly customized options which different casinos will offer on a regular basis.

When you make the decision to play this game, you should examine the house edge or the odds before placing your bets. This is very important if you want to win because higher house advantage will give you fewer chances to win.

Here are some of the different types of blackjack:

There is the European Blackjack which is a variation of the Classic blackjack. The game has straightforward rules and can be played with 2 regular decks of cards.  Blackjack will always beat any other hand valued at 21 as well as all the face cards in this game. Face cards are worth 10, while aces value either 11 or 1.

During play, you can ask the dealer to hit you in order to get up to nine extra cards. If the dealer has a hand with 17 points, he can stand, but a hand with over 21 will be a bust.  A bust automatically gives you a win. If your hand ties with the dealer's, this is called a Push. If the Dealer gets blackjack, he will lose the doubled and original bets. You will get insurance for your hand if the dealer has an ace for the initial card and all your wins will pay at 3:2.

Next, you have the Bonus Blackjack that is similar to the European Blackjack, except for added bonus feature. With this bonus, the game normally pays a lot more than other games. This game is also played based on the standard rules with two decks of cards. If you place bets on the bonus option, a hand with Ace of Spades and a Jack counting blackjack will pay 50:1, while any other suit of Jacks with an Ace pays 25:1.
Playing any of these types of blackjack or any other variation will allow you to have lots of fun.