What is problem gambling ?

Is gambling causing a lot of problems for you? If yes, you might be struggling financially and feels like you want to give up altogether. Well, you have come to the right place as the information in this article will look at what is 'problem gambling'?

When gambling changes from being a pleasure and entertainment activity, this will become a problem. Once this problem starts, gambling can negatively affect your life as well as hurt those you care about. Problem gambling can be found in people of all age groups, jobs, cultures and income groups. Like some people, you might develop gambling problems over many years or suddenly.

This can occur for many reasons, including trying to win back funds that you lost, life stresses or because you love to be in action all time.
You will know that you have a problem with gambling when it starts to:

  • Hurt you financially;
  • Interfere with your school, work or other activities;
  • Cause problems with family members or friends;
  • Damage your reputation;
  • Damage your physical or mental health;
  • Lie excessively to your family.

Here are a few tips that will help you to stop or break your gambling habit:

Find other ways to fill the time that you spend gambling.

If you start and realizes that you have relapses, you should try again without beating yourself up.

Try relaxation techniques to manage the stress in your life.

Don’t use gambling to escape problems, but face them instead and learn to become a very good problem solver.

Try to limit the access that you have to cash.

Talk to someone, maybe a spouse, friend, parent or counselor. Although you can try to do it by yourself, it will be a lot easier with a support person, especially if you have serious problems. Talking about your gambling problems with someone you can trust will reduce the stress during this difficult time.

These are steps that you can take to help solve your gambling problems. Now that you know what is 'problem gambling', you can make the best decision to get confidential support and help from a loved one or a professional.

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