Play the Playboy Blackjack game online

Microgaming is a world class leader when it comes to producing casino gaming machines and software. They now have a brand-new Live Dealer studio with a large suite of games. This includes the Playboy Blackjack game that is designed to represent the true trademark style of the brand. This game has dealers all dressed up in the signature bunny costume and the playing room depicts an atmosphere of the original Playboy Club.

For more than a decade now, Microgaming has developed their first online casino software and they have continued to lead the industry ever since by providing reliable and innovative gaming solutions. This company has more than six hundred unique games for land-based, online and mobile casino platforms. As you can imagine, they have a huge following in the casinos worldwide. It is not a surprise that this company took the risk to develop a live casino with games like Blackjack that is inspired by the atmosphere at the famous Playboy Club.

Playboy is definitely one of the most popular and recognized brands worldwide. If you are a Playboy fan, you will know that this lifestyle and media company is known for publishing the magazine that is extremely popular. It creates content that is distributed via websites, television networks, radio and mobile platforms, plus they have now ventured into the casino market.

What to Expect From the Playboy Blackjack game

Blackjack is one of the staple games in the casinos. The launch of the first branded casino with live Playboy dealers is giving the operators a unique opportunity to appeal to new players. This blackjack is designed with rich graphic features and a bet behind option that will allows persons to play by placing their bets on the box of others while waiting for an available seat.

There is no doubt that everyone will fall in love with this Live Dealer game that is available on a first-class platform. This is especially true if you are a Playboy fan who cannot get enough of the atmosphere at the Playboy Club. You will definitely return over and over again to play the Playboy Blackjack in an opulent room with striking lights which helps to portray the glamour and lavishness of the brand.